“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Getting Prepared :)

Shot time! Katelyn and I had an appointment with a local doctor in town to discuss the shots we will need, so here is goes:)

  • Hepatitis A: $75
  • Hepatitis B: $65 each (need 3 of them)
  • Typhoid: $55
  • Yellow Fever: $87
  • Polio: $32
  • Rabies: $180
  • TB: $40
  • Malaria: pills we take while there
Probably forgetting some, but that's my list so far!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

In June 2010, I will be heading off to Ghana to do a medical internship. I'll be working in the Accra hospital shadowing local doctors, and on the weekends doing outreach programs at local orphanages:) I'm very excited and scared at the same time. I'm excited to be in a place and experience a life style very different from the one I am living now! When I return in September I will be doing a public health internship in Washington D.C, so hopefully I will be able to apply the lessons I learned in my undergraduate studies, and the experiences I learned in Africa.

Although I will not be focusing my medical internship on just HIV/AIDS, it will definitely be something I will be encountering everyday. And I will be getting a first hand experience how their public health system is run by seeing how the local citizens get basic medical care.

The Beginning!

So in 2010, I will be backpacking through Europe for a month, and then heading off to Ghana, Africa! In Europe this is our tentative schedule:

Day 1 Travel
Day 2 Dublin - National Museum, Grafton Street
Day 3 Dublin-Dublin Castle -- Travel to London/ Lowestoft (Leave bags)
Day 4 London- Tower of London, St Pauls, Fleet Street
Day 5 London- Westminster Abbey, Big Ben/ London Eye
Day 6 London- Buckingham palace, Nat History Museum or British Museum
Day 7 London- Royal Parks and Gardens, Hamleys
Day 8 London- Stonehenge --- Travel overnight to Paris
Day 9 Paris- Notre Dame, Sainte Chapelle Paris
Day 10 Paris- Musee Picasso, Musee du Louvre (part one)
Day 11 Paris- Musee du Louvre (part two), Musee D Orsay, Paris Couture
Day 12 Paris- Pantheon Paris, Museum National Naturelle
Day 13 Paris- Catacombes, Musee Rodin, Eiffel Tower
Day 14 Paris- Arc de Triomphe, La Madeleine, Moulin Rouge
Day 15 Paris- Versailles --- Travel to Barcelona
Day 16 Barcelona- Basilica de Santa MDM, Sagrada Familia ---Travel to Florence
Day 17 Florence- Duomo
Day 18 Rome- Vatican, St. Peters
Day 19 Rome- Castel Sant Angelo, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain
Day 20 Rome- Colosseum, Capitoline Museum
Day 21 Naples- Museo Arch. Naz., Porta Capuna
Day 22 Pompeii- Ruins, Mt Vesuveus
Day 23- Greece
Day 24- Greece
Day 25 - Greece
Day 26 Veince- St. Marks, Doges Palace, Santa Maria S.
Day 27- Vienna, Austria
Day 28- Prague, Czech
Day 29- Berlin, Germany
Day 30- Berlin, Germany
Day 31- Berlin, Germany
Day 32- Amsterdam- Anne Frank Hous, Koninklijk Paleis, Red Light District
Day 33- Amsterdam- Van Gogh Museum--- Travel back to London
Day 34- REST
Day 35- REST
Day 36- REST
Day 37- Flight to Accra, Ghana